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We, OVERSOUND Group, are above all, music enthusiasts. It is no coincidence that we have chosen to be in this market, and we have remained in it for more than 20 years. The fact is that we grow, mature, and segment our action to act even more directedly and assertively with our products and our consumer public. Today, Oversound Speakers, Nordik, OVX Speakers and StudioXPro are part of the OVERSOUND Group; each with its own performance profile and distinct strategies, but all under the same command and sharing fundamental pillars such as commitment, quality, and passion for music.

Quality Control

Oversound Group's quality management program, which implements strict standards of control and standardization. Since the development of a new product, the study of the raw material applied in all the components of Speakers, Drivers, Tweeters and Amplifiers, the production with unique numbering in each products (Void label), facilitating the internal screening.

Professional Training

We continuously invest and support our human resources through courses and constant recycling aimed at the best professional training of our collaborators.

Technical Support

A Communication Channel available on the Faq and Contact Us website, which helps to solve doubts from new users to the most experienced, how best to use our products and make projects viable.

Agile Delivery

From its stock of raw material to finished product sized to the market, with a logistics to meet the needs of the customer.

Respect for Nature

An industrial plant incorporates modern resources for the rationalization of energy, such as the use of solar lighting, water reuse and recycling of industrial waste, among others, reflects Oversound Group's care for the environment.

Technical Assistance

Specialized accredited technical support network and support for fast service.



Most waste generated as aluminum, steel, copper, etc., are collect and send to recycling companies; and the exchange from manual water valves to an automatic system helps to reduce the consumption in more than 70% each month. Oversound also started using recycled paper, generating savings for the environment and replaced common plastic packaging products for biodegradable packaging, which accelerates your decomposition on the environment.

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